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The aim of the project was to increase the level of language education at our school, to increase the motivation for it.

 Three teachers were enabled to go to two-week language courses in the UK. The aim was to increase their language competencies and cultural outlook and also to increase the use of the CLIL method at our school, to increase the interest of other staff and pupils in foreign languages ​​and foreign cooperation.

 The experienced teacher (49-year-old) who teaches English at our elementary grade of the school and uses the CLIL method for many years attended course Experiencial English for Teachers at Nab Cottage Language School. The course has greatly benefited her personality growth and motivation. After organizing the Day with CLIL, she wants to disseminate her experience through CVKHK - Education Center of the Hradec Králové Region and will also teach teachers of our school in program Šablony. She improved the methodology for her own English Advent Calendar for the dissemination of the CLIL method within the Czech Republic and she wants to offer it abroad through the contacts she gained during her stay in the UK.

 The other two mobility participants, teachers of the first grade of our elementary school (46 and 29 years of age), were intensively preparing before their mobilities. Traveling and attending courses in the UK, London and Exeter were of great importance for their professional growth, improving language competencies, cultural outlook and motivation. They now engage English in other CLIL classes in their class, and the younger colleague was entrusted with the teaching of English in the fourth class. They performed the demonstration lessons within CLIL Day. Both teachers will continue to learn about CLIL and will further develop their language competences in English.

 The Mobility Participants shared their experiences with other colleagues at the Teaching Board meeting in the form of presentations, created three beautiful information boards, organized CLIL Day and Garden Party of Languages. These events addressed all colleagues and most pupils of our school, or the parent community. Information about the entire project was placed on the school website.

 In the form of questionnaires and interviews, we have been finding out about the interest of both teachers and pupils in our school about our project, other similar educational activities and the CLIL method. We have seen a great increase in interest.